3 Jul 2011

Mini Haul

It seems that I had managed to run out of makeup essentials all at once and at the same time as my quest to find the prefect eyeliner.

I bought the below, after trying Maybelline's new One by One Volume Express mascara, which sadly didn't last the whole day. I found that by around 4pm it had started to flake away and I was getting the fall away around my eyes. So I'm returning to my dear old friend, Max Factor's '2000 Calorie Dramatic Look'

Also after trying most of the new foundations that Maybelline, L'Oreal and other brands have bought out recently I have returned to Maybelline's 'Pure liquid Mineral' foundation as I find it sits on my skin well and lasts quite a while.

When browsing the shelves I found Max Factor's 'Xperince' sheer Gloss Balm, all of the colours that had were very shiny and none too dark. I chose a reddish / pink called 'Pink Oyster Shell'

I'm not a great fan of anything other than nail varnish from Rimmel, however I thought I would try their 'Exaggerate' waterproof eye definer in number 26, Noir. It's a soft kohl liner with a smudger on the end. It has a nice smooth application which held in place all day, I really like this for a soft day time look.

From left to right: Smut, Orb, Kid
On Friday I had a shopping day with the ladies and also managed to pick up 3 new MAC eye shadows to add to my kit. I bought 'Orb', a very soft milky, cream satin eyeshadow, great for my bridal pallet and also a good base colour. Smut, which is a mid charcoal colour which is a velvet and 'Kid' also a velvet, which is a very light taupe and bought for a soft crease highlighter.


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  1. I like the look of the Max Factor lipstick. And Orb, never noticed that one before, shameful for a MAC fiend like me!


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