26 Jul 2011

Getting to know me

Here's a Interview that I did with the American styling website Fashbo earlier in the month. It's a geat place to upload what your wearing and your styke and get ideas from others.

1. Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Can you draw fashion inspiration from where you live.
I live in Essex, in the South East of England, no Essex girl jokes, they are not normally very well received! Haha. I grew up on a non working farm and in the countryside. I refused to wear a dress until I was about 13 years old. Nowadays it’s hard to find me out of one. I tend to draw very little inspiration from the area I live, but more from images that I see and my travels; be it from classic Hollywood, to Indian weddings with their array of colour and culture.

2. What is fashion to you?

Fashion for me is a way to play around with my identity. I think that my mood can often be seen by the way I dress, if I’m feeling playful, I find that the style maybe a bit cheeky and tongue in cheek. The way I’m dressed often defines my approach to situations; you could say that clothes can be a mask but ultimately I use it as a way to play off the differences in personalities.  I feel tailoring such as shift dresses will never go out of fashion, this is more about style than disposable, fast fashion. I much prefer to keep with what I know suits my shape, then play around with the accessories and items that can change the look but still keep the fundamentals the same.

3. How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style most days is quite tailored. I am only 5ft 1 and though I am only a size 6 I have far from a boyish figure, so I dress in a way that works with the curves that God gave me. You could say that my style is ‘vintage with a twist’. I radiate towards all that is 40’s and 50’s. I love the strong feminine feel of the 40’s. It’s a era when women looked super feminine even if they were just doing the housework.

4.Describe your vision of a perfect outfit ensemble.
My perfect outfit would be a long classic Hollywood gown, that is worthy of the red carpet.

5.Name your favorite and least favorite past or present fashion trend/fad.
My fashion hero is undoubtedly Dita Von Teese. She oozes glamour and poise, not only when she is performing but through-out her public life. Also Audrey Hepburn is a great inspiration, not only for the influence she had, that is still filtering onto our high street today, but also for her beautiful soul and compassion that she had for people. Vintage inspired dresses are taking our British high streets by storm at the moment, long may that live! I’m not a great fan of Fair isle, or sports luxe, as I personally find this look to casual for me.

6. You have a fabulous fashion blog, www.urban-butterfly.net Tell us about your blog.
I first started my blog last year as I wanted an outlet to write and post about makeup and fashion as my 9-5 job has no link to the makeup or fashion world in anyway. For a number of years I have been doing Bridal makeup and a blog felt like a natural place to evolve my passions.

7. Your fashbo profile tells us you are a freelancer makeup artist. Is this your profession, or a hobby? How long have you been a makeup artist?
I have been a part time makeup artist for a number of years, mainly concentrating on Bridal and occasional. I am currently doing a course in order to work towards more editorial makeup. I do plan in the future to become freelance full time.

 9. What is your favorite fashbo you posted? Do you have a favorite fashbo that someone else posted? 
My favorite post was of my vintage dress. When I bought this it was in such a mess, there were stains on the sleeves, it was originally longer but someone had hacked it off unevenly, some of the beading panel was loose and there was a huge stain in the under skirt, however with much love and care I mended it and had a dressmaker make the peach underskirt. This day was also a magical day as it was my friends wedding at a beautiful 16th century mansion and I was also lucky enough to do all the wedding makeup.

I love to see what LittleCherryBox is wearing, she has a great sense of style.

10. Who is your favorite designer or designers?
I love Channel and Rouland Mouret, both excel in women’s tailoring and easily celebrate the feminine figure with timeless classics.

11. What is your favorite Online location to shop. What is your favorite retail place to shop?
Blimey, where don’t I shop! I am such an online shopper now days. As a vintage lover I like to visit Tara Starlet a mother and daughter team who make a beautiful vintage inspired fashion line in London. I also like high street stores such Topshop which is always great if you need to grab a Saturday night outfit. ASOS.com is also a great place to browse for both mid to high end brands. I also trawl ebay for a lot for vintage bargains along with charity shops and markets.

12. What would you consider to be your dream job?
I would love to be a full time makeup artist working on editorial shoots for magazines such as Vogue and Glamour. I would also quite like to be an independent personal shopper, I love a challenge of putting an outfit together. The next step for me maybe video blogging when I get some courage.

5 Jul 2011

Review - Contour Body Wrap

Last week I booked in a little R&R time and one of the treatments I had was a contour body wrap.
This treatment is designed to detox and shape the body. The gel and the bandages remove the natural water from the skin, so acts as a diuretic, nourishes the skin as it works in-conjunction with the gel or product to stimulates the lymphatic system to draw out the impurities.

This treatment is not for a long term weight fix but it's ideal for pre-holiday as it primes the skin, meaning that you get an even tan and it can help mask the appearance of cellulite. Can also be great if you have a special occasion and want to wriggle into that fabulous little party dress.
There are many different wraps that you can have such as mud and sea weed that all have natural benefits to stimulate the skin. I had a contour body wrap with bandages rather than linen strips or what looks like cellophane, with  body brushing and exfoliation. 

First all my vital measurements were taken, then I was body brushed. To me it was like a lovely big scratch, though a little embarrassing, as I was stood there semi naked, clutching my boobs in cloud of dead skin. Then a beautiful smelling exfoliant was massaged into my skin and washed of with a warm mitt and water.    

Next was for the contour gel, this was quickly massaged onto my skin, first into my legs and tummy then the bandages wrapped around tightly. Then my arms and upper abdomen. My chest was only lightly wrapped and all my limbs were individually wrapped and not bound to my body. Once all wrapped I had to be in them for an hour. I was offered a Indian head massage, which was a real treat!
In my bandages
After all the bandages were taken off I was then measured again and here's the results -

I lost a combined total of 7 inches, the only place I really noticed the loss was around my bingo wings!

Is this treatment for you?
No if you have veracious veins, Kidney disease, if you're breast feeding or suffer with high or low blood pressure.  

How long does the results last?

I have been advised that it will last 3-6 days. I could have just had just my arms or legs wrapped rather my whole body which I think I will try next time. If this was being used in conjunction as part a weight lost programme it's ideal to have one of these every 3 weeks.
How it's works -

3 Jul 2011

Mini Haul

It seems that I had managed to run out of makeup essentials all at once and at the same time as my quest to find the prefect eyeliner.

I bought the below, after trying Maybelline's new One by One Volume Express mascara, which sadly didn't last the whole day. I found that by around 4pm it had started to flake away and I was getting the fall away around my eyes. So I'm returning to my dear old friend, Max Factor's '2000 Calorie Dramatic Look'

Also after trying most of the new foundations that Maybelline, L'Oreal and other brands have bought out recently I have returned to Maybelline's 'Pure liquid Mineral' foundation as I find it sits on my skin well and lasts quite a while.

When browsing the shelves I found Max Factor's 'Xperince' sheer Gloss Balm, all of the colours that had were very shiny and none too dark. I chose a reddish / pink called 'Pink Oyster Shell'

I'm not a great fan of anything other than nail varnish from Rimmel, however I thought I would try their 'Exaggerate' waterproof eye definer in number 26, Noir. It's a soft kohl liner with a smudger on the end. It has a nice smooth application which held in place all day, I really like this for a soft day time look.

From left to right: Smut, Orb, Kid
On Friday I had a shopping day with the ladies and also managed to pick up 3 new MAC eye shadows to add to my kit. I bought 'Orb', a very soft milky, cream satin eyeshadow, great for my bridal pallet and also a good base colour. Smut, which is a mid charcoal colour which is a velvet and 'Kid' also a velvet, which is a very light taupe and bought for a soft crease highlighter.