21 Jun 2011

LOTD - Say Cheese!

Today at work is 'photo day', each member of staff has to have their mug shot taken for marketing material. It felt a little like when your mum would to scrub your face and comb your hair within an inch of it's life, ready for the yearly school pictures. However this time I had no wobbly front teeth or half fallen out plait. However there was a frenzy of lipstick and blusher!

My hair is still in that akward growing out stage, but sadly I couldn't tie it in a scarf.

This what I decided to wear

Here's the dreaded mugshot -

Happy Summer Solstice



  1. You look beautiful honey :) Now let me get my tissue out and lick your face just like mum used to do :D

  2. Such beautiful and unique jacket! You look great! :) X

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