27 Jun 2011

LOTD - Hello Sailor!

I bought this dress a few weeks ago at the Tara Starlet Sample Sale and have been dying for the weather to get better so I can wear it. The structure and fit of this dress is fantastic much like all of Tara Starlet items that I own.

I do love a bit of sailor chic!

Hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the heatwave!

23 Jun 2011

LOTD - Marc Jacobs Inspired Sun Dress

I am writing this as it's just started to pour with rain! However when I left for work this morning it was bright blue sunshine and I had hoped that my sun dress would give the weather some inspiration, sadly not!

I got this dress in Sainsburys, yes you read that correctly Sainburys! It was on sale for £12! As soon as I walked through the door it caught my eye. This is very much like the Marc Jacobs Maxi dress that selling for around £400   

Marc Jacobs Dress

Roll in fringe 

Come on everyone lets do a little sun dance!


21 Jun 2011

LOTD - Say Cheese!

Today at work is 'photo day', each member of staff has to have their mug shot taken for marketing material. It felt a little like when your mum would to scrub your face and comb your hair within an inch of it's life, ready for the yearly school pictures. However this time I had no wobbly front teeth or half fallen out plait. However there was a frenzy of lipstick and blusher!

My hair is still in that akward growing out stage, but sadly I couldn't tie it in a scarf.

This what I decided to wear

Here's the dreaded mugshot -

Happy Summer Solstice


19 Jun 2011


I love all things Peacock, I actually dream of one day having enough land to have one wondering around.

Here's my collection of Peacock clothes and accessories I have so far -



Cropped Tshirt
I am also booked in to have either one of these tattoos but i just can't decide which to have?


7 Jun 2011

All Aboard

On Saturday night I was lucky enough to attend the Swing for Skin event in aid of DebRA aboard the HMS Belfast in London. DebRA is a national charity working on behalf of people in the UK with the genetic skin blistering condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) 

So on went the glad rags, the red lippy and off we trotted into London excited to board the famous ship that's now docked permanently on the River Thames in the heart of London.

The HMS Belfast
The main part of the event was held out on the deck, it had been covered with a pretty white canopy, lights and balloons which created the perfect space for dancers to jive the night away. There was also two large areas inside where tea and cake was being served and you could rest your weary dancing legs. 

Here's what I wore

My colleague at work very kindly lent me this clutch, it was her mother's from the late 40's. Inside there was still a 1954 calender. 

If you are a regular to my blog you will know that I have rather short hair, I managed with much might to get some rolls into the front and sides of my hair. I don't think from the front you would know I have a long crop.  

Lipstick and Curls were there to give the ladies a helping hand with vintage hair and makeup. 

Lisa's outfit
The mood out on the main deck was light and jolly with many couples jiving to the live singers and DJ that belted out timeless classics.

Some outfit's and lovely people we met aboard.

On the left is Little Miss B who designed and made her own hat. It was so beautiful, how talented! Visit her site at http://www.littlemissbdesign.etsy.com/

Singers on deck

Dancers on deck
On our way home strolling up the Embankment
Lisa and I on board the HMS Belfast

I entered the silent auction and won 6 issues of the Vintage Guide to London.

We had such a brilliant night, thank you to Melissa; who had a dream and made it come true. x

3 Jun 2011

LOTD: Happy Friday

I have had this dress for sometime, maybe a good two years, but it was too big across the bust and the waist, so it had been forgotten and buried in my wardrobe. So when I found it last month I decided to take it to my dressmaker for alterations.
Dress from NEXT, Tbar wedge shoes from New Look, also bought a few years ago

Earrings from River Island

Pearl cluster ring from Accessorize

Have a great weekend everyone.

2 Jun 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow....

....very well at the moment! With all this sun and the rain my garden is going great guns.
I know this post is a little off kilter for me, but I thought I would share with you my other love...growing fruit and vegetables. I have a garden the size of a postage stamp that's also home to two devious rabbits, but I use every inch possible.

Say hello to Bluebell on the left and Mr. Augustus Tibbs on the right.

Last year I went mad, growing all sorts and got a bit over run, but this year I'm sticking to just the items I eat the most. So far this is how it's looking.

Back row, left to right: Spinich, Courgette, Foxgloves, Lettuce and Snap Peas
Front row Pepper and Tomato plant

My first crop of summer Strawberries

Rocket & Lettuce
From left to right, Back: Clematis, Kitchen Bay, Courgette (yellow) and French Beans
Front: Strawberries, Rocket, Cherry Tomatoes
I have also planted, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Garlic Chives and Runner beans.  Everything I have grown from seed, apart from a Tomato plant bought last week from Broadway Market.  

Right, back to the online shopping!