30 May 2011

The Tara Starlet Sample Sale & Broadway Market

As soon as I saw that Tara Starlet was having a sample sale out came the holiday request form to book a Saturday off. London, E8 isn't hours away but by no means a stroll for me.

I have been hoovering over the "add to basket" button on these Land Army Dungarees for some time but hoped that maybe there would be some at the sale.

Land Army Dungarees (Picture courtesy of Tarastarlet.com)

Upon arrival I was met with a cheery atmosphere and 1940's music playing. My husband, bless him was shuffling about not knowing what to do with himself or where to look as some pretty ladies tried things on out in the railing areas.

I was pleased to see that there was a wide range of sizes from 6 to 16. I headed straight for the size 6 rail, however upon trying the items on and chatting with some rather nice ladies in the fitting room, I found that items come up quite small but lucky I was able to find all the items I selected were available in a bigger size too. 

The staff were super friendly, looked great and even offered to make you a cuppa!

Here's what I bought -
I got them! Land Army Dungarees, yipeee £20.00

Blouse to go underneath Dungarees - £10.00

Sailor Dress £20.00
After we had a short stroll to Broadway Market and Netil Market, it's very unlike any markets we have where we live. As soon as I entered the street the beautiful aroma of spices and fresh foods hit me. People were happily eating, drinking and chatting with friends on the pavements.




  1. Wow, it looks like a really fun day and I could certainly bite into one of those cakes :)

    Sarah Betty xx

  2. I think i need to go to one of the Tara Starlet sample sales! Can't believe the bargains and they're my favourite store :)


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