25 May 2011

Something Old

As a little girl I use to sit crossed legged and wide eyed looking into my mums jewellery box, fingering at all the twinkly brooches, earring and bangles. This was the 80's so there was some real statement pieces lurking in there!

There was one item, a small simple, porcelain butterfly bangle that I admired the most and would always beg to wear; this went on for many years, well into my teens. My mum explained to me one day that it was a gift from a boss back in the 70's when she had worked in London, well before I was even thought of.

Now and again I would get a glimpse of this bangle yet the love for it never waned. Then the other day out of the blue my mum came to visit and handed me a little package. I opened a tiny little box, unwrapped the tissue paper and to my surprise there was the little butterfly bracelet I so dearly love, to say I was moved is an under statement!

This is my pride and joy

My mum gave it to me as an adult so I can wear it with love and care and she has seen my affection for vintage flourish. I'm now at a time in my life where I can truly appreciate it for all its history, sentiment and wear it with great love and pride. This is now one of my most cherished items.

 Thanks Mum x

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  1. oh what a beautiful story. Its such a gorgeous bangle honey. Can so see you wearing that :)

    You made me feel all gooey !!

    jools x


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