30 May 2011

The Tara Starlet Sample Sale & Broadway Market

As soon as I saw that Tara Starlet was having a sample sale out came the holiday request form to book a Saturday off. London, E8 isn't hours away but by no means a stroll for me.

I have been hoovering over the "add to basket" button on these Land Army Dungarees for some time but hoped that maybe there would be some at the sale.

Land Army Dungarees (Picture courtesy of Tarastarlet.com)

Upon arrival I was met with a cheery atmosphere and 1940's music playing. My husband, bless him was shuffling about not knowing what to do with himself or where to look as some pretty ladies tried things on out in the railing areas.

I was pleased to see that there was a wide range of sizes from 6 to 16. I headed straight for the size 6 rail, however upon trying the items on and chatting with some rather nice ladies in the fitting room, I found that items come up quite small but lucky I was able to find all the items I selected were available in a bigger size too. 

The staff were super friendly, looked great and even offered to make you a cuppa!

Here's what I bought -
I got them! Land Army Dungarees, yipeee £20.00

Blouse to go underneath Dungarees - £10.00

Sailor Dress £20.00
After we had a short stroll to Broadway Market and Netil Market, it's very unlike any markets we have where we live. As soon as I entered the street the beautiful aroma of spices and fresh foods hit me. People were happily eating, drinking and chatting with friends on the pavements.



27 May 2011

What I've Been Buying - May

It's been a busy month but I managed to take a bit of R&R time and do what I love the most!

Here's what I've been buying -

Barry M Nail Varnish  226 Bright Red & 314 Nail Effects

GOSH Lip Marker - 002 Pink & MUA lipstick - Shade 3

Review of Lip Marker coming soon
River Island Tie Front as shown in first picture

Primark Pumps

Primark Brogues

River Island Tie Front Top as shown in first picture
Primark Tribal Necklace
Primark Animal Print Hairband
River Island Palazzo Trousers

Primark Sunglasses

Topshop Long Black Maxi Skirt.
(Sorry I couldn't get a good picture of this)

This months super bargain - My £1.70 Kimono style top from Ebay, was originally from H&M arrived new with tags too!

What did you buy this month?

25 May 2011

Something Old

As a little girl I use to sit crossed legged and wide eyed looking into my mums jewellery box, fingering at all the twinkly brooches, earring and bangles. This was the 80's so there was some real statement pieces lurking in there!

There was one item, a small simple, porcelain butterfly bangle that I admired the most and would always beg to wear; this went on for many years, well into my teens. My mum explained to me one day that it was a gift from a boss back in the 70's when she had worked in London, well before I was even thought of.

Now and again I would get a glimpse of this bangle yet the love for it never waned. Then the other day out of the blue my mum came to visit and handed me a little package. I opened a tiny little box, unwrapped the tissue paper and to my surprise there was the little butterfly bracelet I so dearly love, to say I was moved is an under statement!

This is my pride and joy

My mum gave it to me as an adult so I can wear it with love and care and she has seen my affection for vintage flourish. I'm now at a time in my life where I can truly appreciate it for all its history, sentiment and wear it with great love and pride. This is now one of my most cherished items.

 Thanks Mum x

18 May 2011

Festival Fever

It's that time of year again, festival season, though a little bit of a sore subject in the Urban Butterfly household due to the fact that I made a decision not to go to Glastonbury this year. However I will be attending some more local vintage festivals, so watch this space.
Miss Selfridge has released a Special Edition Festival collection, which describe the collection as -

An eclectic mix of vintage inspired pieces reinterpreted to create a striking range to ensure VIP status at this year's hottest festivals.

Most of the items are heavily embellished and sheer so could be easily torn, ripped or dammaged in large crowds. I won’t wear most of the collection to more full on festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading or Download, however would be great for the more relaxed, boutique festivals, Cochella springs straight to mind!

Here are a few of the pieces from the collection that I like the best -
Light Wash Stud Denim Shorts £35.00
Orange Neck Trim Maxi Dress £65.00
Limited Edition Sequin Poncho £75.00

Black Golden Fringe Tunic £95.00
I think this is a great range that shouldn’t be limited to just festivals wardrobes. The two items that I like the most and will be buying -
 Light Wash Studded Shirt £39.00

Detail on sleeve and shirt front

Peach Lace Back Jacket £55
Back and Kimono Sleeve


16 May 2011

Superdrug's New Beautycard

Superdrug have just released a new loyalty card, and I must say it does look a good deal. The nifty little card is free, just complete your contact details and it's yours to start to use, it's even been designed to look like a little mirror, what a fab idea! 

Once you get to 100 points you can start to redeem money from your next purchase and unlike Boots you do not have to pay the full amount in points only, you can part pay in cash.

While I was having a little mooch around the store I came across lots of offers to get extra points on selected products and even more points can be earnt if you buy on line. Needless to say I signed up for a card straight away.

Here's a great whoop for Superdrug, we can now treat our self a little bit more!


11 May 2011

A little bit of Fearne

I do love my Fearne Cotton dresses, here's another one from my collection.

I didn't have this one altered at all like my other Fearne Vintage Print Dress as the smallest size in the range is size 8, but this fits well, the material is a weighty and hangs very well. Another triumph in the range, horay!

1 May 2011

Matalan AW 2011

I was kindly invited to Matalan's Autumn / Winter press day, so I popped along with a friend in tow to have a peek. Even though it's hard to think about being wrapped up in coats, thick socks and jumpers now this lovely sunshine is upon us, it's great to see what we have have to look forward to; I do love Autumn!

Here are a few of my favourite items that I will be looking for in store.

I just love these floral boots,  a great buy for festivals, I would pair with a pretty dress and long chunky knitted socks

I find 50's style dresses so flattering, this super feminine piece could be worn to work with ballet shoes and a cardigan or dressed up with heels for a night out.

Navy 50's style dress with nautical scarf (sold separately) 
This top is one that I will definitely be looking for, it's designed to be worn with the belt at the front (as pictured in the first image below) and the larger of the embroidered panel on your back, however I would like to try it in reverse and wear the larger panel at the front.


Satchels have been all over the high street for the past few seasons and look to continue to be strong, many of the ones I've seen and that I own are in tan, but I love this robust looking black body satchel, a must for AW11 in my opinion.