7 Apr 2011

Wig-Wam Bam

My hair's been driving me wild after cutting it all off again last year, I'm now at the stage I really don't know what to do with it next and I'm not overly happy with it's current style.

I own a few fancy dress wigs, and kept threatening to buy some more realistic ones thinking if it's good enough for Gaga and Katy Perry, it's sure time for me to give it a go too.

I thought I would start off with something not too drastic and found this lovely brown bob at www.wonderlandwigs.co.uk

Ordering online was super easy, and I was amazed with its speedy arrival. The hair's very smooth and lifelike even though it's not real hair but made from 100% Kanekalon synthetic fibre.

The fringe is slightly too long for me but I have a really small head, I will get it trimmed next time I'm at the hairdressers. Earlier I pushed it to the side to look more like a side fringe and it sat really well. The fringe isn't cut too sharp either, so gives a softer feel.

I even had comments from people I know today thinking that I had grown my hair! All in all, I'm extremely pleased and can't wait to buy the others I have my eye on.



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  2. I really do like this, I'm thinking of getting one!!
    Nice post

  3. I adore it honey, it really suits you :) So are you going to go for the longer one next! ? x Jools xx


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