5 Apr 2011

Project Feel Fabulous

I am far from fat, but with summer looming along with my big 
3-0 celebrations which includes a girly beach holiday, I want to tone up and loose a little bit of weight.

I have mentioned before that I'm a Coeliac and tend to struggle with lunches in particular, so junk food such as chips are easy to grab when I'm busy at work. So with a little bit of time management and planning I am going to attempt to change. Weight loss is not the sole reason for this change I am also hoping to boost my energy levels and feel healthy and generally better in myself.

Today is day two of 'Project Feel Fabulous'. I had salad yesterday but finished some rather gorgeous creamy potato salad and coleslaw so I was still a bit naughty but recorded everything I ate and drank and ended the day with 1820 calories.

Here's today's lunch

Gluten free pitta bread, chicken breast, tomatoes, sliced cucumber and some Tzatziki dip
My intentions are to make more home made lunches that I can cook in batches then reheat at work to stop me craving warm convenience food, drink more water, swim twice a week before work and run once a week with my friend for motivation. I also need to get more fresh fruit into my diet. I already eat quite well in the evening and consume a wide variety of veggies.

I'm not going to be crazed and obsessed, not eating a little treat here and there. I have a pack of Percy Pigs in the cupboard, there's no way I'm giving them up!

Wish my luck and willpower

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  1. Ooh the salad looks good babe and I'm reading it from Starbucks in Kew :) Jools xx


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