17 Apr 2011

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

Want to make your own eye makeup remover? Here's how....
Things you will need -  
* A clean bottle
* Witch Hazel
* Olive Oil
* Funnel

Take a clean bottle, I have reused an old makeup remover bottle as it has the dispenser in the cap but you can use any travel bottles, like the small one shown above. They can be bought cheaply from Boots or most supermarkets in their travel section.

Dispense some of the Witch Hazel into the clean bottle, filling to just less than half. A funnel is really handy if using smaller travel size bottles.

Then take the Olive Oil and pour on top of the Witch Hazel, it will automatically separate.

Voilà, you’re done! All you need to do is shake it to get the two ingredients to mix together each time you use and add on to some cotton wool. This is strong enough to remove stay fast and waterproof eye makeup.

The Product's Benefits

Witch Hazel is a wonderful product to use on your skin, it can also be used a toner. It's really cheap to buy too. It's great for sensitive skin, restores the natural PH balance and most importantly it's an astringent, which means that it cleans your pores deep down and will help to reduce the size of large pores, improving the over all quality and appearance of your skin.

Olive Oil, again is a natural product, this will assist in softening the skin and remove makeup.My cute little assistance Cherry also helped write this post, so I should also credit her!
All mixed together

Today I had a little helping hand, or should I say paw!
Urban Butterfly's assistant


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