22 Feb 2011

Review - Maybelline The Eraser Foundation

I'm a sucker for any new beauty release and have been an avid fan of Maybelline products for some years, owning most of their foundations at some point. So when I saw the advert for their new foundation 'The Eraser' I was intrigued. It can be purchased from most beauty stores and some supermarkets priced around £9.99 Their website describes as -

"Our concentrated formula is enriched with collagen and goji berries. With SPF 18 it goes beyond covering and conceals as if erased. Covers dark circles and fine lines to help conceal crow’s feet – as if erased! Our exclusive micro-contact applicator delivers the foundation to cover, fill and smooth, for ultimate flawless-looking perfection."

Pictured here in 'Nude'

The idea of the packaging is that it's a twist up pump that dispenses the foundation into the sponge that's a permanent fixture to the tube. From this you then you apply straight to the skin. They recommend two clicks of product per application.

Upon application, my first thought that it was a very 'wet' product. It smoothed onto the skin well, leaving no streaks, however after I applied all over and blended my face felt a little greasy. My skin is quite even at the moment however I still like a fair bit of coverage. I didn't feel that it gave a great amount of cover and if I were to be having a bad skin day this product just would not be adaquate.

Overall I personally think this would be best suited for use in the summertime as it felt to me more like a tinted moisturiser.

My other corncern with this product is that after a while you will get a natural build up of bacteria on the applicator, which isn't easily cleaned. For people who wear foundation less frequently this will be even more of an issue.

Sadly, I don't think this is a product that I would buy again.

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