23 Jan 2011


After growing my hair out of a long crop last year, I managed to reach just above shoulder length but decided that long hair is not for me and had it all cut back off again. But while I was growing it back long I had a full fringe cut in and really loved it.

This was the growing out stage -
Excuse pictures I was rather drunk :)
I now have a side fringe that I find really hard to keep sitting in place and stop splitting up into little strands of hair so i am thinking of a change.

This is me now, though my fringe is much longer now, a bit more like Frankie Sandford

These are the pictures I am going to take to the Hairdressers.

What one do you prefer and think i should have?


  1. Me likey the 2nd cut best! It even makes me want to cut all my hair off!xx

  2. I would say the top one...the one with red lips and the lace camisole.I think this fringe would work really well with your features.x

  3. Jools said
    Well you are blessed with a gorgeous face honey :)

    I like the Elfin cut in pic 2, but I think you could do loads with the razor cut in pic 3, so while its close - 3 for me !!!!

  4. Ooooh the pressure! One vote for each so far... I love all of them but I'm with Claybles on the cute elfin cut in pic 2. I just think it would look so sweet with your pretty face. xxx

  5. no 2 and 3 are nice, love your hair in the growing out stage looks gorgeous xxx

  6. Iam going with picture 3 coz I like picture 1 the most :-)

  7. I think picture no.2 (girl in the orange floral top) x


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