30 Dec 2011

December in pictures

Here's a round up  of December in pictures, there has been quite a few festivities that haven't been recorded as sadly I have either been too drunk or rushed to take any pictures. 

I want to wish you all a very happy New Year and may your 2012 be filled with love, good health and lots of laughter.

Love this picture taken from Vogue Magazine of New York City Library one of my favourite places in NY

Trying on a little blue Play Suit In River Island, sadly never bought it as it was too big ~ Sparkly Christmas nails, they are now all my own as I grew the tips out and just had them coated for strength.

Cherry playing Hide n seek ~ Trying to get my hair a little redder 

Late night snack, anyone else can't stand beans touching the other food on their plate?

Champagne with the girls

This print was sent to me by my dear friend that moved back to Australia and since she has been back has been painting and even had her own show! I was touched that she sent me this as I love Peacocks, I can't wait to have it framed.

  Mr Augustus Tibbs in his new bed.

My brother in laws Dog 'Joey' relaxing on Christmas day

I have been growning my hair since March, this is how short it was!
  Urban Butterfly x

27 Dec 2011

Tis was the night before christmas

It's tradition for us on Christmas eve to go to the pub and have dinner with friends. Did you have a nice Christmas?

Skirt - River Island
Body - Next
Shoes - Matalan
Watch - Vintage ( 1942)
Lipstick - Katie Moss for Rimmel No1

Urban Butterfly x

22 Dec 2011

Let's Get Naked again.....

No this is not a naughty Christmas post but never-less just as exciting to us make up fends! Ring the bells, Urban Decay is all set to release their follow-up to the Naked Pallet with Naked 2 and you don’t have that long to wait!

After the phenomenal success of their first Naked Pallet it’s not a surprise that they are releasing this sequel. I have the original pallet and use it most days, it’s must whenever I travel, meaning I can leave my little MAC pots safely at home and giving the poor baggage handlers a fighting chance!

 Naked 2 will be upping the ante with its 12 taupe-centric, neutral shadows (five new shades), a custom double-ended full-size brush and a mini Lip Junkie Lipgloss.Urban Decay say “It will be Cooler in tone than our brazenly bronze Naked Palette, tantalizingly taupe Naked 2 delivers subtle ‘nomakeup makeup’ looks, smoky drama, and everything in between all with a twirl of our exclusive doubleended, cruelty-free Good Karma Shadow/Crease Brush.”

The pallet will consist of the following -
Blackout – blackest black with matte finish**
Booty Call – shimmery cork*
Busted – deep brown w/ shimmery finish*
Chopper – copper shimmer w/ silver micro glitter
Foxy – cream bisque w/ matte finish**
Half Baked – golden bronze w/ shimmery finish
Pistol – light greyish brown w/ shimmery finish*
Snake Bite – dark bronze shimmer w/ metallic base*
Suspect – pale golden beige w/ shimmery finish
Tease – creamy pale brown w/ matte finish*
Verve – oyster w/ shimmery finish**
YDK – cool bronze shimmer w/ metallic base

*New Shade, never seen before
** Shade not available as a purchase as a single shadow
Debenhams online have just announced that they will have the initial exclusivity on Naked 2 from the Monday 9th January until 5th February and will cost £36.00
Shhh, here’s a little secret for all you die hard Urban Decay fans; follow Debenhams Beauty Club page on Facebook - There will be a link posted when it gets launched at midnight on 6th January enabling you to order before it goes wild on the 9th; if it’s anything like the last time they may become like gold dust so get yours quick online at www.debenhams.com

Urban Butterfly x

19 Dec 2011

Camden Calling

Dress - Dressup at Topshop
Bag - Primark
Shoeboots - primark
Tights - Asos
Leather Jacket - Ebay

Saturday night friends and all took ourselves off to stay with a friend that lives in South London in honour of Girls Christmas drinks, our destination... Camden.
We are all such a bunch of dancers so our first stop was The Cuban, for a boogie, It was great fun, with a nice friendly crowd, I'm pleased to see my couples dancing has improved since I've been going to dance class. We then went onto Proud where the hard core dancing and rum drinking began. Thankfully these pictures were taken before the messy stage!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas

Urban Butterfly x

16 Dec 2011

Love is.....

...... wearing your new vintage dress!

I have had this dress for sometime and been dying to wearing it but it's quite a heavy material so the weather had to turn and it sure has!
I am not normally found sporting anything from the 1960's but when I saw this on My Vintage I fell in love. When it arrived all packaged prettily I wasn't disappointed either. It fits like it it was made for me!

Urban Butterfly x x

12 Dec 2011

Neighbourly Love - What I wore

After returning home from our girls night out where I stayed in London, slightly worse for wear after one too many Rum and Cokes, a 4am bedtime and back up at 9.30am; I had to pull myself together and get ready for a Christmas gathering at a neighbours home.

I very rarely wear jeans but they were just such an easy option. I did pin some hair extensions in too as my hair was a tad scruffy.

Cardigan - Primark
Jeans - NEXT
Blouse - Primark


8 Dec 2011

Good things to come to those who wait.....

I have a whole wish list of dresses that I want at the moment and with Christmas just around the corner I have been a little hesitant to buy too much for myself.
However.....two dresses on asos.com went in their 25% off sale, with free next day delivery and this below dress which I keep seeing in Sainsbury's also had £25% off, so it would be silly not to get them.... right?

Dress - Sainsburys
Long Sleeve TShirt - Primark
Belt - River Island
Shoes - Matalan

Urban Butterfly x

5 Dec 2011

Sweet Dreams

Saturday night I went to my friends suprise slumber party. You know me, I even see this as a glamorous event! Here's what I wore -

Sweet Dreams.....

29 Nov 2011

Baby It's cold outside

It seems the mild weather has left us this week. So under my bed I went digging for all my winter jumpers. I found this little brown number, which I had forgotten all about.

Star appearence from Cherry the fur baby

Jumper - NEXT
Long Sleeved Tshirt - Primark
Tweet Shorts - River Island
Brogues - Primark
Locket - Not able to remember I've had it so long..whoops


23 Nov 2011

MUA Eyeliner Review

Whilst browsing the selves in Superdrug, I came across a few new items that I hadn't seen before in MUA's range. One of the finds were their Extreme Felt Eyeliner.

I do love a felt liner, I wear it every day so go through them quickly and as per my review for Lauren Loves Blog I have a fair few! 
This liner is the image of Collection 2000's felt tip liner, but I found the colour to be slightly more intense and it's cheaper, MUA version was only £2! To make it even better Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer on and you get your beauty card points too, what a bargain!

The nib is firm, yet not too stiff to achieve a nice strong fluid line, great if you wish to create a winged affect. It doesn't shift all day, (I'm an eye rubber) yet super easy to remove. The below pictures were taken after a day at work.
MUA products seem to be going from strength to strength, they are becoming a firm favourite of mine to rival some of my MAC items, but at a tenth of the price I can easily invest more for my kit.