1 Nov 2010

Downton Abbey

Sunday evenings excite me as it means the next instalment of Downton Abbey
The ITV1 drama is set in 1912, in a stately home named Downton Abbey, during the reign of King George V. It follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and the servants who work for them
Set in a time of opulence and elegance for the Upper Classes and a life of uniform and formality for those who live to serve them.

I dream of owning or getting the opportunity ever to wear such a corseted luxurious outfit. My heart has and always will belong to vintage clothing and this programme just further ignites those passions.

I adore the shape of garments in this era and how society dictated what was ‘proper’ for a lady to wear. This is a far cry for our disposable trends of the 21 century.

I find the ladies fondness for hats at this time most alluring, as a hat lover myself I marvel at the creations and beautiful millenary. Most ladies, even the working class would own a formal hat, with the upper classes having several hats or head pieces for all occasions. In this period it was as good etiquette, deemed polite and formal for a woman to wear a hat to such outings as church, a social visit to friends or society gathering.

Looking to the high street, with so many vintage inspired ranges in autumn/winter collections you can easily find some of Lady Mary Crawley key items such as A line skirts and silk blouses that will add a lady-like, grown up feel to any girls wardrobe.


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  1. I'm particularly loving the hats. I always think it's such a shame that such traditions die out - wouldn't you just love an excuse to get all glammed up just to pop to a friends for tea?


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