24 Aug 2016

A Weekend Jaunt.........

This weekend we headed off to Oxfordshire. 

For some time I wanted to visit Warwick Castle so we decided that we would stay locally and have a day out with a picnic.

Sadly I wasn't that impressed with Warwick Castle, The rooms inside the main part of the castle are Victorian and  are beautiful but i felt i would have liked a bit more information about the rooms / era.

After our picnic, we decided to leave and drive into Warwick town. It was so beautiful. everywhere there were quiescently English building that must have such a colorful story to tell. 

30's Beach Pyjamas - from House of Foxy
Gene Shoe' Red Round Toe Tap Shoes - from Lindy Bop

In one of the main bedrooms within the castle

The beautiful State room

After leaving Warwick Castle we ventured into Warwick town, it was so very pretty. We found a little Historic Tea shop called Brethrens tea rooms. 
 The Bretherns was established in 1571 but can be dated back to 1383 as a kitchen that was in constant use.  Of course we had some refreshment here to take in the breathtaking building! 

On Sunday we went to Blenheim Place. I would highly recommend a trip here. Once you have purchased your ticket you can validate it for a year, so you can go back as many times as you choose at no extra cost. 

 The beautiful gates of Blenheim

 Dress - original 1950's 
Shoes - Miss L Fire
Handbag - original 1950's

In the beautiful formal gardens 

8 Aug 2016

I'm Back!!!!!

Well hasn't it been such a long time!

How have you all been?

I am sure some of you follow me on social media know that I didn't totally vanish from existence, since my last post life has almost done a 360 both with work, home and lifestyle, but I won't bore you with the details. 

Please do let me know what you would like me to post about or see more of. 

UB x 

4 Aug 2014

Beating Body Shaming

Lately I have been hearing and seeing a lot of hateful and potentially harmful comments towards female bloggers and women in general and I am sad to see that it's coming mostly from other women.
As bloggers we put ourselves out there, people think that this means we leave ourselves wide open to criticism. Does this really give someone the right to judge our bodies and leave comments as what to what they think we should look like and what we should / shouldn't show? Is it not the same as walking up to someone in the street and saying "you're ugly"?
I am fortunate as a blogger, I have been faced with little personal negativity, however this is not the case for my acquaintances in the blogasphere and that just pisses me off! It’s bullying, and that is NOT okay! 

Many of you that follow me on various social media platforms hopefully see that I am a keen purveyor of kindness and I support towards my fellow kin.  Now, I am not preaching just for femails here, you men are good in my book too : ) It is not any more acceptable to leave a negative comment about a males body as it is to a woman. Any kind of hateful behaviour to me is intolerable.

So when my friend Penny quite rightly decided to make a plea to us blog sorority to stop this craziness and join her to take a stand and spread the love, I of course wanted in.   

We can all be walking along the street and judge people, it unfortunately is a fact of life, these thoughts are sometimes born out of our own insecurities and for most of us that’s where they stay, as thoughts; but when it comes to leaving negative body related posts or making comments to others you have crossed the line, it’s just not acceptable.

When I was younger I use to get constant comments about my weight. People thought it was okay to comment on me being Skinny. I in fact wasn’t very well. I am naturally petite and in my early years was diagnosed with Coeliac disease, so was vastly underweight prior to knowing what was wrong with me and it took me a long while to get back a heathly weight and well. 
In my teens
I know as a 21 thirty something I feel I have quite a good attitude towards my own body, I am mostly quite comfortable in my own skin and do not feel like I have to hate on others to make myself feel better. Naturally I do have little hang up’s, I have moments when I start to feel a little down on myself, could I be a bit thinner, why is my hair not fuller.... 
Part of Penny's quest was to pair us up with fellow bloggers and asked us to take a look at their blog, and highlight three great things about them. I have been paired with @dinoprincesschar. I already follow her and dip in and out of her blog, one thing I know about her is she is a very talented dressmaker and has the most amazing shoe collection!

Char’s blog is a heady mix of outfits, lifestyle and sewing posts I love that her blog is not constraint to be about one thing which makes for a interesting a diverse read.

Take a plunge into her blog t*rex and tiaras and the first thing you will see is her beautiful long brown hair and slender frame all packaged up in some beautiful dresses, many that she has wonderfully handmade herself.

Char comes across in her posts and on twitter as kind and fun person that has a warm heart. She has a wonderful sense of individual style that I admire.

Penny asked us to include 3 things about ourselves that we like, it feels very strange to sit and think so... I love this about me, after all this is not the British way!    
  • I have a Malaysian / English heritage so have fairly almond eyes, more so as a child, I love my big brown eyes, people often comment on them, it makes me smile
  • I like being petite, at 5ft and a fag paper I can get up to mischief easily, this paired with my innocent face, it’s a winner J
  • I like being curvy, I have a big butt I shall not lie.... but I have a fondness for pin up girls and this is a shape that is mostly associated with 50’s pin ups.  

Remember each and every one of you is beautiful. I would love you to leave me a comment to stay what you love about yourself and share this post to join our cause to stop this uncalled for bullying.
 Urban Butterfly x

31 Jul 2014

Raspberry Dreams

How gorgeous is my new bag Nica Lauren Grab bag

The one thing I don't buy a lot of is bags as I am quite fussy but when Nica kindly allowed me to review a bag I knew Lauren was the gal for me.
She loving arrived all packaged beautiful and that was it.... it was love at first sight! The Lauren Grab bag is a moden style with a vintage twist Doctor‘s bag.
The size is perfect as I do not travel light, it fits all the things that i need to cart around with me on a daily basis... 10 lipsticks and my ipad, why do lipstick congerate at the bottom of your handbag?
I love the two large separate zipped compartments but most of all I love that along with the perfect length strap there is a little handle, I assume this is where the 'grab' name comes from. 

If the long strap is not your thing, simply remove using the little clips and bingo, all gone!
The raspberry colour is ideal for summer but a great splash of colour we head into autumn / winter. I have just bought the most beautiful pink coat that I can't wait to show you that Lauren will go with like a dream.

The Lauren Grab also comes in Tan, Black and Blue Haze.
Fancy a 15% discount on any Nica bag on me? Simply enter Butterfly15 at the checkout Nica Uk

Discount only applies on www.nica.co.uk and on full priced items

Urban Butterfly

This is a sponsored post but all content and opinions are 100% honest and of my own.

10 Jun 2014

A vintage girls guide to Glastonbury

When I say to people, "Yes I love Glastonbury, Yes I camp" they tend to do a little squint, a head tilt and reply "really"!!!.... For some reason I am not seen as a camper.

I like to joke that I am very much like an onion, there are many layers to what I enjoy!
Who would of thought, me, loving an excuse to don something on my head and jump around like a fool.....  
Glastonbury gives me freedom to have 6 days (yes I am a hardcore festival goer) of unadulterated fun with my hair and clothes. So cat ears and wigs at the ready!

Glastonbury 2010
I am often asked what I take, so here goes.

Packing list
  • Rum, all else is lost without this!
  • Hip Flask say no more
  • Bucket  I have a strip wash every day. I do not come back stinking! I find wet wipes leave you with a funny smell
  • Flannels  x 5
  • Washing items / basic cosmetics
  • 5 outfits, each one that can be layered up as it gets cooler towards the evening
  • Long stocks/Tights a tend to wear two pair of socks, no one wants to come home with trench foot!
  • Wellies and 1 pair of Dr Martens Open shoes are a no no especially in crowds
  • Hat  - There is little shade to be had if the sun decides to grace Worthy Farm
  • Tent / Sleeping bag and Air bed You need some luxury after all
  • Spare phone batteries. I only have a few this year as I have bought this to try - Power Bar As much as I try I am not an off the grid kinda gal
  • Things to put on my head.. haha a wig or Minnie Mouse ears. This year so far is looking tame!
  • Waterproofs You know at some point the heavens will open
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Suncream The areas are so vast with very little shade so it's so easy to burn and ruin your skin and your time there.
 do think about what I am taking to wear to Glastonbury, for me it's all part of the festival. Can you imagine if Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro spotted me and I looked a mess!
When I first started going to Glastonbury I bought what I think you "should" wear but in the last few years I am sticking true to more 'my style' and carrying it through to being in a field! To be honest I never get filthy and still have a excellent time.

Glastonbury 2013
This year I am looking forward to seeing Dolly Parton, Ed Sheeran and The 1975. I love that every year we discover new quirky little bands, go to flash Lindy dances and full on raves in the rain. I am also keen to see the Shellac Sisters They are four glam ladies who play all things vintage using 78rpm records on 1920s wind-up gramophones.  

I also can't wait to get there to eat! The array of food is amazing. As a Coeliac I thought I would be stuck with only a handful of options, how wrong was I! The food is great quality and it's a good price.

Is it your first time of going to a festival this year?

You can follow my capers on Instagram

Happy Camping!  

UB x

24 Feb 2014

I am my fringe......

One single thing should not define a person but my fringe or bangs to my friends across the pond is one of the thing people recognise me for. For some time my fringe has been a staple in the many hair transformations I've been through. I even had a good old fashion pudding bowl fringe at two years old. 

For years I’ve have been happy for people to near on shave my head but the directive has always remained “be careful with my fringe” It's a predominate feature in my logo, and for those who followed ‘logo gate’ with a not so pleasant Z-lister, will know why it meant so much to protect, not only was it copyright infringement of a graphic designers hard work but it is pretty much my face!! I digress….
Now with this unhealthy fringe obsession comes a high expectation and critical nature. Leaving me with a difficulty finding someone that understands ‘what I want’ I have a clear image in my mind as to shape and the perfect fringe for me, not what they think I should have!
It seems most hairdressers will cut a fringe in a bridge shape to frame the face, what I want is the opposite to this, I like a blunt cut smile shape, some will call this ‘Betty Bangs’ I’ve even taken to YouTube with a pair of clippers in hand, this did not end well!
After I cut with clippers... a little uneven!
My constant battle for the perfectly blunt cut fringe this month took me to a Barbers …. yes, you read that right, a Barbers! There I sat amongst all the men eagerly waiting! A lovely young girl took the time to stop, look and listen, then took her time to get it perfect, BINGO I’m thrilled! I've even been brave and had it taken quite a bit shorter.

Where my hair’s been cut into my hair line so badly I need to grow back the sides which will be a pain but it will get there. To top my exhilaration the barbers shop is within walking distance!

The new short fringe
UB x

30 Dec 2013

2014 Aspirations

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas.

This festive season I really felt like I had a break, which is great as I normally take little time off at Christmas.

My new years resolutions are really quite simple this year and all about what am I going to do rather than what I'm going to give up / stop.

In 2013 it was a wish to work less and restore my work life balance. For the past 3 years I've been doing some part-time work as a community carer on top of my at times very demanding full time job, this has left me with little down time. The end of 2013 has seen me give up another weekend shift, leaving me now with only 2 small community rounds that I just can't give up as I do enjoy it and love the people I visit and help.

So many of my 2014 resolutions are more what 'I want to do' with this time apart from seeing friends and family more.

* Spend more time practising yoga. I don't really talk much about my love for Yoga, I often chatter away about my dancing but Yoga is also a big part of my life. I was mugged some years ago and left with a lasting shoulder and neck injury and though Yoga and massage is the only way I control the pain and movement in these damaged areas. In particular I want to visit Beth at Urban Yoga Monkey, she runs workshops in East London that I have been dying to get to.

Picture courtesy of  Beth at Urban Yoga Monkey
* Get out the my sewing machine and make attempt to make more of my own clothes. I have this pattern to start with -

Pattern -New Look 6000
* To help me on my way to upping my dressmaking game I'd like to spend a day doing a workshop to get my confidence back and brush up my skills. The one I have is mind is with BooBoo Kitty Couture

Picture courtesy of BooBoo Kitty Couture
*Buy less high street and more handmade / independently made clothes

*Get my pin-curl and wet set perfected

My last attempt with foam rollers and a wet set

 What are you 2014 aspirations?

UB x

6 Dec 2013

Beauty is only skin deep

My skin has been troubling me of late, I was fornatute to have good skin as a teenager and have never really invested much time or money into looking after my skin.

Now my skin is far from awful but it's lost its mojo and I've been suffering with little cluster of break outs. Now I know not only a good skin care routine is the answer, I need more early nights, water and to look at my diet.

I have been using a mix of Burt's Bees Citrus facial scrub, soap and a cheap boots moisturiser, no wonder my skin is crying.

I have been reading Caroline Hirons blog. I find her reviews / clinic posts no B.S, with honest and informative advice.
With the aid of her website this is what I bought to best suit what I think my skin needs - 


( This is only to be used 1-2 times a week)
You will notice there is one key element missing... moisturiser! I am now looking into a good every day moisturise. What do you use? 
I will let you know how i get on with these and if they make a noticeable change to my skin. 
UB x